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Masters of the Universe Masterverse He-Man 40th Anniversary Action Figure

Masters of the Universe Masterverse He-Man 40th Anniversary Action Figure

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Masters of the Universe Masterverse He-Man 40th Anniversary Action Figure

MOTU Masterverse He-Man 40th Anniversary Action Figure


By the Power of Grayskull! Celebrate your love for He-Man and the Masters of the Universe by adding this remarkable Masters of the Universe Masterverse He-Man 40th Anniversary Action Figure to your toy box or collection shelf. This vintage-style He-Man stands roughly 7-inches tall in all his glory, and he features 30 points of articulation and comes with a power sword, a shield, an axe, and a pair of swappable hands. Do not miss him! Ages 6 and up.

Mattel's Masterverse collection brings Masters of the Universe to life with 7-inch scale action figures designed with a high level of detail fans love. Featuring heroic warriors like He-Man and villainous foes such as Skeletor, the character figures have a minimum of 30 points of articulation and come with accessories - like a battle piece or extra hands - for epic storytelling and display. For collectors and fans who treasure the MOTU legacy and its expert revitalization, these Masters of the Universe figures are must-haves. Fans will want them all, and they make great gifts to help start or build a collection.


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